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Crystals & Their Healing Properties

Different Crystals & Natural Stones give off certain energies that promote spiritual healing. Listed below are brief descriptions of those that can be found in some of my pieces.


"Stone of  Prosperity"

Brings in good luck;

Promotes tranquility in tense emotional environments;

Encourages mental clarity


Wards of negative energy;

Purifies surrounding energy;

Provides Strength, Courage & Protection

Blue Chalcedony

Harmonizes Mind, Body, & Spirit;

Repels Self- Doubt and Negativity


Brings out creativity & courage; 

Aids in security, safety, willpower & determination;

 Helps return passion to relationships & developing a healthy sense of self

Crystal Quartz

Good for protection, cleansing & purification;

Amplifies energy and thoughts;

 Balances body, mind & spirit 

Dragon's Vein Agate

Helps mental development;
Improves emotional expression

Fancy Jasper

"Stone of Tranquility";

Aids in concentration;

Soothes and calms emotions


Eases life transitions;

(Purple color) Helps protect from negative energies


Promotes calming energy;

Opens mind up to wisdom;

Increases motivation


Brings forth serenity, wisdom & balance;

Protection against negative vibes;

Amplifies creativity

Lapis Lazuli

Brings out honesty and morality ;

Inspires self-expression and confidence

Lava Rock

Stabilizes and grounds Root Chakra;
Calms intense energy

Moss Agate

"Stone of Wealth'

Attracts abundance;

Attracts serenity and stability

Purple Phantom Quartz

Repels negative thoughts & emotions;

Promotes guidance & spiritual awareness


Fortifies positive energy;

Prevents negative energy from reverting;

Red Aveturine

Keeps you spiritually balanced & grounded; 

Assists in maintaining positivity in our sexualities, sensualities & desires

Red Jasper

Eases stress & Relieves Anxiety;

Promotes mental clarity;



"The Stone of Compassion"

 Aids in healing emotional wounds & promotes forgiveness;

 This is a great stone to sustain and strengthen love


Promotes mental clarity;

Brings in an honest evaluation into oneself 

Tiger's Eye

Assists attentiveness;

Encourages strength & Protection

Eliminates fear & Self doubt;

Promotes mental clarity


"Stone of Communication";

Improve mental state;

Aids communication with more wisdom, honesty, and articulation


Aids in the balance of emotions & spirituality;

Provides clarity in challenging environments;

Promotes the grounding of oneself

Yellow Agate

Assists in strengthening your confidence;

 Aids in achieving desires

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